Sunday, April 27, 2014

Patricia Vincent Online Shop Is Open

I am so happy that I finally managed to have a well made online shop; it has been a lot of work but it feels great to have an online platform where I can showcase my creations.

Many people are interested in my designs but didn’t always find a fast way to have a look at them. Starting with today everyone can check the photos and additional information: size(s), fabric composition, prices, availability etc.

90% of the items are one of a kind and there is only one chance to buy and own a particular piece. I can do free of charge small alterations or recreate the same design in a different size/fabric/colour.

Everything being made by hand, no item of the same design would 100% look the same; I find this beautiful and creative. If you wish to try a dress before you buy it, please visit my atelier, simply write me a preferred date & time to: office@patriciavincent.com and I will get back to you with a confirmation as soon as possible.

Buying a design you will pay for: the design concept (10%), material and production costs (50%), property and flexible expenses (15%), Austrian taxes (20%), profit margin (5%).

The working process as a big picture: I create collections based on a concept, then sketch individual designs (lots of tries and thinking through), I purchase small quantities of fabrics and locally produce the pieces in limited numbers or as one of a kind items. I sometimes get the fabrics before deciding on the concept; great
fabrics can be very inspiring. I like to keep it small and have absolute control over the quality and
working process.

My designs are addressed to women that appreciate the genuine imperfection of the nature, soulful work, handicraft, good fabrics, authentic design and art in any form.

My work is strongly inspired by my muses, travels, nature, interior design (mostly Gustavian style), music, perfumes, textures, patterns ...

Every collection is based on a fictional or real story that I want to reveal through my work. I don’t follow trends or fashions; I create items, that I would like to wear myself, that make me feel positive, feminine and caressed.

Take a look around my online shop, I hope you will find something that you like! If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

The shop is also divided in collections (left side of the page), you can see then everything that belongs to a specific one.

Below, a selection of the available designs:


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