Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Vienna

Before taking the final decision to remain in Vienna I knew the city from a tourist point of view. By then, I’ve been travelling to more than 20 countries and about 35 cities; those that I remember to have very much liked are Copenhagen, Odessa, Zürich, Amsterdam, Paris, Manchester, Istanbul, Prague, Budapest, Rijeka and Vienna.
Arriving in Vienna I didn’t know how my life will develop; I had a plan but wasn’t fixed on it. I knew that the faith will bring me where I wish the most to be. With the help of a very good friend of mine, Michael Müller, I chose Vienna against Paris or Zürich. I love French language in comparison to German and it would have been very practical to pick Paris but there I knew that there is nobody to count on, I didn’t know anyone besides my dear cousin that has a family on her own.
On the 5th of October 2002 with my whole life in a couple of luggage I arrived at Vienna’s airport, Schwechat. Michael and his wife Ilse were waiting me at the airport and that was the first sign that I felt it was a good decision. That day was wonderful but also exhausting and a bit strange as we met a relative of Ilse and I’ve been asked not to tell her that I have the intention to remain in Austria. She justified that their families don’t want to help people migrating to their country. I saw it as a contradiction as Ilse and Michael were very open minded, I didn’t/feel like an immigrant (and even if) and why some of their relatives would think so wrong?! I tried to keep this “secret” over dinner with that relative (she was paralyzed on one side) and we later went to Vienna’s long night of museums (Lange Nacht der Museen); it was so beautiful and loved the exhibited art from all the museums from MQ!

Years passed by, Michael is still one of my best friends and as he witnessed my youth’s and carrier’s development he is still very supportive and proud. Despite that I was alone in a big city, without any additional help but my own ambition I always knew that in any situation I could count on someone! And that was Michael.

Visiting Michael in Budapest, autumn 2009

Vienna remains the same charming, clean, organized city as I already knew from the first time I’ve seen it in 1999. Every day the city somehow looks different, expressive and distinctive… I love the Sundays as it is very quiet but also busy weekdays with open shops and city noise. Every time I go in the First District I feel like a tourist in a city tour as everything looks different, fresh and new but somehow the same as the flair is unique.


The strange approach that some people have against foreigners still remains and unfortunately it personally hit me more than a couple of times along the last years. I have been extremely suffering because I didn’t understand how a country where Hitler was born and a nation that actively took part in his cruel game would have people to repeat his mistakes. Since the day I’ve met my husband I became stronger and more ignorant towards racists and nationalists. And this attitude makes my life so much brighter and I can breathe without having the feeling that I disturb someone!

I love to see more and more foreigners around and slowly Vienna has become a melting pot between almost all nations existing on our Planet. I adore Oriental and Japanese food (especially sushi and California maki), I often shop at the biggest exotic supermarket in Vienna, Prosi, I buy world delicacies at Naschmarkt, I visit international art festivals such as Afrika Tage, Blickfang or Rathausplatz Film Festival and I attend as much as my time allows international music concerts. To me, essential is to be surrounded by quality, diversity and openness regardless the origins.

Spices at Naschmarkt

Due to my profession, I’ve met and keep meeting wonderful Austrians starting with my husband’s family, friends, customers to the officers at governmental offices where I have to solve different documents. What’s amazingly positive is the constant fascination for art in any form. Artists have a privileged position and respect so I’m very lucky to be one of them!

Design inspired by Wienerwald
Design inspired by Wienerwald

Vienna plays a big role in my designs. I think that if I would have started my profession in a different place everything would have looked different. But as I love what I make even if I will live somewhere else in the future, the pattern of Vienna will always remain. The second city spirit that is reflected in my work is New York. I’ve never been to New York but I feel some similarities but also a great orchestration, a complementation between the 2 cities.

Cinéma en plein air
Cinéma en plein air
Cinéma en plein air

Photos: ingaganzer.de, staedtereisen-blog.com, stadt-wien.at


  1. Vienna is a definite on my 'Places I need to visit' list! I really want to visit the Klimt museum.

  2. Vienna has so much beautiful art to offer, you can see Klimt's work in Leopold Museum or visit one of the remaining studios where he painted, see: www.klimt.at Come by my atelier as well when you'll be in Vienna!

  3. There really is so much beautiful art in Vienna - I saw some wonderful Klimt paintings at Schloss Belvedere too.

    And Patricia - I know you are going to love New York ;)