Sunday, July 29, 2018

Meet You At My New Address

Hello lovelies,

Thank you for your visit and interest :) I like to write and share honest stories from my work so, I am happy that I have a new platform where my Seams & Chronicles tales will continue!


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Thursday, October 5, 2017

15 Years Vienna

In the morning hours of the 5th of October 2002 I landed in Vienna, from Bucharest. It was my third trip to Vienna but I knew that this time was different. By the age of 21 I’ve been seeing half of Europe, I absolutely liked France, England, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Italy, especially the rural regions … Vienna seemed beautiful but I never, even in my wildest dreams, would have considered living here. It never crossed my mind, that I would settle for such a long time in this city. The faith pulled me here through invisible, magical strings. My three months visa quickly turned into a 10 year stay allowance & identity card from the Austrian authorities (Romania entered the European Union in 2007) and my life changed dramatically.

Until that point, my life in Bucharest was carefree, vivid, légère, dynamic… I was entering my second year at the University, loved working in the dancing team at a Sunday show aired by the Romanian National Television, I had my own business (a small, lovely clothing boutique) and numerous friends. My family, small but stable, was / is my core.

Vienna is special. Vienna defined my profession and allowed me to grow, develop, challenge and fulfill my ambitions. Vienna offered me my love. Vienna is constantly opening new horizons, aspirations, appetite for everything I consider beautiful and inspiring. Vienna is also the place where I suffered at extreme heights being humiliated, disappointed and deeply hurt. Vienna is half of my heart.💛

Friday, May 5, 2017


I studied and practice my profession within the borders of the European standard sizes 36, 38, 40. As I only do “one of a kind” pieces, I go with an instant feeling that decides which size the new garment will have. I like to create in-between sizes and in few occasions I go outside my limits and design a size 34 or 42. I am a keen and analytical learner, I take my time to learn, to improve and to develop my working skills and in the past 12 years I constantly focused on this process. Creating standard sizes that are not in my usual range (such as baby, curvy, petite or pregnancy) requires new abilities and investments. When I met my model Kirsten Mackay, I knew that it was about time to try to develop a new range of designs dedicated to women with curves. She is so beautiful, inspiring and natural! To my astonishment, I found out that she has it very difficult to find feminine, stylish and body caressing dresses and I then realized that we (dressmakers and fashion designers) learn at school on relatively small sizes, mostly EU 36 and 38. And, unfortunately, the mass media, advertising agencies, department stores etc. promote these “basic” looks.

Retro size” is Kirsten’s notion to my new range, a definition that symbolizes femininity, glamour and understated vanity.

Rosie is my first collection from the "retro size" line and I feel that the result gives me the confidence to continue to create for ladies that love their curves and every millimeter of their physical and spiritual body.

Monday, April 24, 2017

“Rosie” – Collection Photoshoot / Behind The Scenes

I started designing Rosie last summer, and although I was overloaded with different projects and work trips, I kept my focus and invested as much love and resources as possible to obtain the result that I am proud of today. When I met my muse & model Kirsten she was the right person at the right time and without her support and amazing attitude, this project would have been accomplished years later but not now.

Sunday, March 26, 2017


I got to know Hanna Maria Schatovich last year, soon after she opened her style and beauty coaching business. She has a tremendous work load, to manage her contracts, but still has the energy to organize side projects and events, such as various business interviews or the seasonal Fashiontalk.

One of my first photoshoots in 2017 was organized by Hanna at my showroom, everything was a delight. I am in love with the result! She is a master at connecting creative minds and it was an honour to work with such talents!

Credits Photography: Jin S. Scheidel
Model: Hanna Maria Schatovich 
Hair & Make-up: Karina Kirecci