Sunday, January 15, 2012

Claire Morgan’s Wedding Dress, First Fitting

Claire Morgan

About 8 months ago, I have received with great pleasure Claire’s offer to make her wedding gown. She’s a very calm person and despite I usually don’t make wedding gowns, her positive energy and patience convinced me to start the project. I know her since about three years and the biggest challenge was to know that being one of the best Austria based wedding photographers her outfit will be under scrutiny for a long time in the future. One of the biggest problems doing a custom outfit is that most of the times, women would change their mind regarding the design, in the last moment. So, to avoid such unfortunate situations, I only do custom work to a very limited number of customers.
Claire is a very well decided person, she always knew what she wanted and when she’s set on something she goes with it. Throughout the working process, we had a great communication; she was extremely punctual, serious and kind! Every time there were questions from both sides, we tried to respond them efficiently and comprehensible. So, my work was smooth and filled with joy and satisfaction.

Claire’s choice for the gown’s colour is a statement of her corporate design and I loved the idea of having an unconventional shade, a powdery rosé, offering an elegant, vintage flair. Together with Claire’s friend Anika we’ve set for a very pale shade for the silk taft and a drop of a darker one for the organza layer.

Silk samples: we've set for taft (the third from above) and organza (the second from below)

The first fitting was a success. Claire was joined by her friend, Skye, and I loved to see their excitement when I unveiled the tailoring mannequin and displayed the gown! With an exception of 2 cm everything matched perfectly, even the length! So I only had to tighten her waist and finish the open seams.
Many customers visiting my atelier were impressed by the dress, colour and her small waist :)

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