Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Shoulders Fringes Dress for Claire’s Hen Night

Model, Katia Wagner

Two days before the wedding, Claire together with seventeen girlfriends celebrated in a burlesque style her pre-last night as a fiancé. The event was organized by Anika, one of Claire’s friends and the evening’s highlight was a workshop held in the First American Bar where the girls had a lot of fun learning how to style, dance and act. I'm sorry I couldn't make it but the upcoming wedding was making me as nervous as the bride was and I wanted to catch some sleep to be able to focus on the final touches of her gown.

Claire decided to buy and wear one of my dresses that I personally like very much but it took a couple of months to find its owner as the slim line can be a sensitive matter. As Claire is a yoga fan, she loved the dress right away and felt confident wearing it. She wasn’t wrong as she looked and felt great and we both received many compliments.

As I couldn’t find any of those fringes in black colour, Claire is lucky to have this last dress (I’ve only made 2, one short and one ¾). But I’ve ordered some in a light colour (cream/beige) and I’m looking forward doing some new pieces :)

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