Sunday, March 4, 2012

Impressions from my latest photo shoot

Yesterday, on a beautiful sunny day, I had the pleasure and excitement to organize a photo session with some of my latest outfits; a part of my five year anniversary collection.
The location I needed had to have a minimalist, clean and straight architecture and happily, two weeks before the shoot, I received a written allowance to use some rooms, halls and surroundings of Essl Museum in Klosterneuburg: "A conspicuous museum building (architect: Heinz Tesar) on the edge of the Danube water meadows in Klosterneuburg near Vienna is the home to Austria’s biggest private collection of modern art. The collection of contemporary art belonging to Agnes and Karlheinz Essl has over 7,000 works and offers an incomparable insight into present-day art." (www.wien.info)

Photo: Sammlung Essl

When we arrived, we received a warm welcome from the chief of the marketing department, Barbara Royc. She showed us around of the museum, what exactly we could use and what not. I was deeply impressed by her unconditional support!

My team has been amazing! The model, Nadia has been extremely enthusiastic, dynamic and helpful. Nadia’s husband, Thomas was very supportive and every time we needed something, he was ready to help. The makeup artist, Kamila followed exactly my wishes and I love the result; the photographer is my most favorite!

In about three weeks I’ll publish the photos here and on my website.

Photography: Nam Luos
Snapshots: Thomas Danecek
Make-up: Kamila Rudel
Model: Nadia Danecek
Assistant: Thomas Danecek
Necklaces design: Klunkerei
Shoes and accessories: Nadia Danecek's private collection

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