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Interview: Linda Croitoru aka Linda Taylor - International Top Model, Actress, Producer, Humanitarian, Activist, Philanthropist


Linda Croitoru known abroad under the stage name as Linda Taylor was born and raised in Romania. She has studied Physics at University of Bucharest and speaks five languages. Her career started back in 1999 as a TV hostess in ‘Super Bingo’ at  PRO TV  Media Pro Pictures. She also hosted ’The Weather’ on the daily NEWS program for the same channel, PRO TV. Her success ranged from runways, to TV commercials, prints, campaigns, billboards, editorials, interviews, music videos such as Holograf, Krypton, Vank, Train to name a few.
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The big screen break through came when she had been discovered by the Italian movie director Franco Zeffirelli, who chose Linda for his movie ”Callas Forever ” while shooting in Romania with  Jeremy Irons and Fanny Ardant  as the leads.

With her timeless natural beauty, Linda’s career as a model flourished internationally as well. Contracts from all over the world, called for her work. From Europe, to Asia and back and forth, Linda has traveled the world and has worked worldwide from the runways of the worlds top fashion capitals such Milan and Paris, to fashion magazines and campaigns, in more than twenty countries.

Besides her accomplished world wide seen modeling work, Linda Taylor serves as a liaison between those in need and those who can help. Many communities profited from her work as a professional fundraiser and active volunteer, from her intellect, integrity and dynamic leadership. (taken from:

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I chose Linda Taylor for opening my latest section “guest blogging and interviews” being an admirer of her professional path from the very beginning of her career. I’ve been following her even previously I had the tremendous pleasure to meet her in person, in Vienna. At the start of Linda’s career, being a teenager myself, I loved to identify and look up with respect to her and few other similar girls. She has always been stylish, elegant, intelligent and modest.
I’m truly honoured that she has dedicated some of her valuable time to organize for our interview; she was very prompt and professional. I fully appreciate her openness and agility in writing back as soon as she reads my emails; I rarely live this nice experience. Thank you, Linda!

Movie Scene from I’m not famous, but I am Aromanian
Photographed by Douglas Kirkland

What was your starting point in becoming a model?
The moment I became one. That was literally the 'starting point'. Till then it was never even a thought of it.

When have you decided to redirect your carrier towards acting?
Well acting I guess was there always, from the very beginning. It was never really either or the other one. In fact, prior to the modeling world, I trained in the TV land, hosting TV shows and entertaining people through the acting doors. The beauty detail and modeling came along right hand in hand with acting. There wasn't much I could choose but simply just be and follow the path.

What do you love doing most? Modeling or acting?
Though it is hard to choose between these two, my previous answer should tell everything. A great friend of mine and an actress said, while watching me on the runway and then on camera, she said 'Linda you are not a model. You are an actress who knows how to model!'' So there you go, you have to think of it, I guess I am. Luckily I am enjoying and loving these two same way.

What is the most memorable show/movie you took part in?
It's hard to pick one as everything that I do or take part in, is quite memorable, but if we really must, I guess it has to be the 'Callas Forever' (2002). Filming alongside Jeremy Irons and under the directorial of the only one maestro Franco Zeffirelli at the very first steps of my career it is definitely memorable. But then again, can't forget the first love either, and that of when I worked with Pro Tv on 'SuperBingo show'. That LIVE audience with not only the artists we brought on stage every Sunday, but to be one with the entire country, to know you're able to bring a smile on someone's face and enlighten their lives at least for a day if not for a change like in most cases, it is quite special to me till this day that I'll never forget.

Does fashion play a role outside your professional life?
I try not to follow any 'fashion' rules, either way inside or outside the job but I do love to appreciate and admire the work of art in each and everyone who is creating or wearing it. Fashion, like beauty, should rather be a state of being than that of a trend. If you like me now, I guarantee you'll like me next year as well and the next and the next, wether I am or not in the fashion trend. Coco Chanel used to say this and I so applaud her words ''Fashion fades, only style remains the same.''

Are you a trend follower?
Fashion, trend.. everything you wanted to know is answered above.

What is your most common casual outfit?
Jeans, t-shirt and flip flops is what usually you'll see me wearing on my most casual days. But depending on weather or location, sometimes even jeans might be to much, therefore a loose bohemian vintage dress is what makes me the happiest.

What are your beauty and diet secrets?
Can't really say I have secrets about this. I only believe in balancing it all. From looking inside ourselves and caring there first and foremost, to the outside of us. Eat healthy, think healthy, stay healthy. Health is a wide broad word that can go from the smallest detail of food we put into our body to where and how much sleep we take or how much laughter did we share together today. I for instance believe in smiles, music, nature, poetry, the sound of the ocean, the smell of wet trees and leaves after the rain, the laughter of a child, to sharing the moment with a dear close friend and just be present in the moment, be there for each other. Anything that makes you beautiful. Make that your secret garden and retreat there as much as possible.

Linda for DFLA.com

How would you describe in three words the fashion scene in Bucharest, your home-town and Los Angeles, your working and living ground since the past seven years
Bucharest holds a very special place in my heart beyond the fashion scene. A three word description wouldn't do its right. He simply is the center of all being. From fashion to history and culture, Bucharest is my little Paris too.
As for Los Angeles, though here the LaLa land it is known for its Hollywood entertainment business rather than that of fashion, many icon legends though have walked its path and brought the image from the big screen to the street and its people for a change in the history of fashion, I'd dare to say, worldwide.

Ⓒ Linda Taylor, Douglas Kirkland, Joshua Shelton, Evan Duning, Patricia Vincent

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