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My Trip to Italy, Part I: Villa Avellino

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We just returned from Pozzuoli and I openly have to say that the holiday was one of the best I ever had and the best since I am together with Patrick, my husband. In the last five years we didn’t have much luck spending a good time on holidays but it improved with the last trip since we discovered airbnb.

Pozzuoli (photo source)
Pozzuoli's Fish Market (photo source)

Our accommodation place was one of the reasons we first chose Pozzuoli. It convinced me from the moment the word “tranquillità“ was written in their description title; older I get, more allergic to noise I become. Then “Palazzo Storico del 1500”... I thought “wow!” we should take it and despite our main focus was to have a summer beach holiday, we went for it.
It’s such a nice place that I would highly recommend it! I left a review on the rental platform, but they only published one third, so I will publish here my whole text.

About Villa Avellino:

As we love spending our free time after work in our apartment, it’s not easy to feel the same in other places. But Villa Avellino was exceeding our expectations!
Before we booked, I got in contact with the managers and they’ve told me that they can offer a similar apartment because the one pictured here is already booked. I was a bit sceptic but they promised that we will like it as well! Plus, they made us a rate discount.

We arrived after a 20h bus trip from Vienna and I instantly felt like home (or even better!). The apartment was a bit smaller but true, it is a beauty and Agostino since the start, extremely warm and friendly. I liked so much our apartment that there were times (while we were sightseeing in town) when I was craving to return to the Villa! A true oasis of peace, refreshment, cleaning and comfort...

The Reception Desk

The design is very smart: to make a better picture, the furniture comes from Poliform.
Every cm of the apartment is intelligently used, hi-tech equipped, the kitchen is very modern, the bathroom ideally sized, the bed very comfortable, the TV is connected to the satellite; there is wireless internet, air conditioning... I would need five pages to positively describe everything.

Marble Floors

All is new, it smells wonderful and the cleaning woman does an amazing work so we tried to take care about everything surrounding us. It would be nice to keep it as it is for as long as possible. And happily, I’ve noticed that the Villa’s other guests are very quiet, clean and respect the work of the owners.

A little feedback remark: as I am extremely noise sensitive, I fully appreciated the tranquillity surrounding the apartment. A true dream! But there were times in the early morning when we heard our neighbour showering and it woke us up. We were so happy with the Villa’s services that we didn’t dare to tell the managers about this inconvenience (and actually it is nobody’s fault). And we were happy that our neighbour lives alone instead of being a family with kids. I don’t know if it is related, but I mentioned it to the neighbour and in the last 2 days of our stay we didn’t hear the shower (so we could sleep interrupted).
Fabio, the manager was very helpful and responsive, we had two mini requests and he solved them very fast and professional!
You have the possibility to wash, dry, iron or even get delicious coffee & drinks from a vending machine.

Private Terrace
Mosaique Floors in the House
The Elevator

The location is very central, within minutes from the train station(s).

We will definitely go back to Pozzuoli and I pray that everything will be as good as this time! For sure, we will stay at Villa Avellino: a place restored with love, good taste & style, with a big financial investment, respect & dedication to their guests!

The history of the building (English Google translation from Villa Avellino's website):

The sumptuous villa was built in 1540 by the Colonna di Stigliano. The building was owned by them until 1797, when it was sold to the Benedictines of the Congregation of Montevergine. When the order was suppressed in 1807, the property passed to the Dukes of Lusciano until 1836, when the property was sold to the archaeologist Francesco Maria Avellino, from which the building was named. The entire complex of "Villa Avellino - de Gemmis", with an adjoining park was declared by the Ministry of the environmental and cultural interest particularly important and subjected to a protected on a proposal from the Superintendence for Architectural and Environmental goods.

It’s an interesting complex of buildings in the foundations of which is incorporated a Roman cistern, still known today as "pool Lusciano" by the family, the principles of Lusciano. The building maintains an eighteenth-century structure built around a central courtyard featuring a spectacular backdrop with a set of overlapping arches and pilasters on the ground floor. The main facade on Via Carlo Maria Rosini has a portal with simple ashlar piperno, while the upper one another alternately seven balconies with triangular pediment and decorated frame. The roof garden is based on structures from the Roman era.

Villa Avellino's Park

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