Monday, October 29, 2012

Autumn in Romania

My journey to Romania was unexpected and unplanned. I missed my country this year but I needed another good reason to go there. When the reason appeared this October, I didn’t hesitate and took the next chance. For the first time, I didn’t go to my hometown, Bucharest but chose Campulung Muscel where my mother decided to relocate 10 years ago. I was never fond of this village but by magic, this time it was different. Growing older and living in Vienna I started to appreciate much more the “natural nature”, the authentic markets with fresh, “real” fruits and vegetables, the “natural” peasant houses, un-cosmeticised and imperfect. In a long time I didn’t see so many people smiling friendly at me without a particular reason, greeting or complimenting me. It’s a good feeling. Of course, there are many things to be changed into the good but I won’t bring any criticism to my home country especially that the adopted one, Austria, is far from being ideal.

Here are some photo impressions from the last two weeks, the weather has been perfect (17-24C) and the nature cured the last traces of stress from my head. I love Romania:

Cascada Urlatoarea
Busteni From Above
Preparing A Rustic Barbecue
Stoenesti, Arges
My Mum's House Is For Sale
Happy Mum

Sinaia Forever Trophy

The Peleş Castle, Sinaia

It was built at the initiative of King Charles I of Romania, outside the commune Podul Neagului that covered an area of 24 km in 1874, which received the name of Sinaia at the initiative of the sovereign. A year later, the first houses were built in the city centre.

Built between 1873-1914, on a 1,000-hectare estate called Piatra Arsă or Sinaia, purchased by King Carol I from Eforia Spitalelor in 1871.

Architects: Wilhelm von Doderer (1872-1876), professor at Technische Hochschule in Vienna, Johannes Schultz (1873, project supervisor, Doderer’s assistant, and from 1876 to 1883, chief-architect), Émile André Lecomte du Noüy (1890-1892), Karel Liman (1896-1924).

Very Friendly Hosts, Food Is Delicious!

Villa Camelia (built in 1884), Sinaia

A Cozy, Vintage Hotel
The Owners Regained The Villa About 8 Years Ago
It Took A Lot Of Love And Money To Restore The Damages Caused By The Communists 
Storage Room With Homemade Delicacies For Breakfast At Villa Camelia
In The Night Train, Back To Vienna

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