Sunday, December 9, 2012

"Valeska" - Atelier Presentation

I had a wonderful time yesterday, about 25 friends and customers came over to my atelier to greet & hug me and to admire Valeska, my latest leather handbags collection.
From 12 noon until 9 pm, I had lovely guests in my “second home”, some of them surprised me with beautiful presents for my recent birthday and from all of my lovely people I received lots of joy, good spirits and kind compliments. Few of the handbags found new hands and hearts; I am very happy that each piece of my work is appreciated and valued.
I wish to deeply thank everyone that came to me, the weather has been frosty and unfriendly, my atelier’s address is about 30-40’ from the city centre and it’s a real effort to reach it in such conditions. But your wish to be with me, my dear ones, was greater! I very much appreciate it! My good friends Claire and Madalina could not make it because they were out of town - looking forward to celebrate Valeska with the very next occasion!

I am happy to share with you some snap shots, I was helped by Patrick and Manuela to capture the beautiful moments and I am still really sorry for not starting to take pictures from the beginning of the event. I missed to photograph my lovely Erika, Kamila, Lorena & her very nice mother, Alina and Vladimir...

The handbags cost from 85€ (without inner wallet) to 140-160€ (different sizes with inner wallet); wallets cost from 40 to 50€.

Happy Nadia, She Loves The Clutch I've Made For Her
And I Am Happy To See Nadia Wearing One Of The Skirts I've Custom Made

Jasmin Wears A Custom Made Clutch That I Did After Her Wish
Glad To See Bettina With My Latest Work, The Fur Vest
Since 4 Years, Each December I Cook Punch

I Love To Prepare Sweets & Salty Snacks
Manuela, Showing Her New Wallet
Which One :)? Not Easy To Choose...

Beautiful surprise! Just before packing up, Charity and her husband, Tassilo, passed by! She's a talented jewellery designer and hosts Christmas events in her atelier on the first three Saturdays in December, it's an open event, have a look for more info here.

Charity's Favorite Handbag
Happy Couple

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