Friday, March 1, 2013

Custom Veil for My Beautiful Childhood Friend

I don’t recall exactly when I first met Maria but it was definitely looong time ago. I guess, I was three or four or five years old... she was one of the little girls we were playing with in the garden that belonged to our apartment building.
Times were more peaceful back then and our mothers had no worries to leave us outside, alone, to play on a blanket. Our first games were: playing with the dolls, later, bringing baby, yellow chickens on the blanket, later, "hide and seek” etc. The same like few other children, Maria was in delight seeing our caramel skin colour, my sister and I were used to observe our friends smiling with caress for “no reason”. Maria also remembers those times as well, I’ve been writing about them some while ago, you can read the post here. I lost contact with Maria when we started school, with the rest of the kids a couple of years later... I wish to say hello to Razvan, Mihaela & Adina, Georgiana, Manuela (we “found” each other on facebook) !

Last year, after about 23 years, I met Maria by pure faith in Vienna. At first we didn’t recognize each other but she was faster to conclude that it's me and slowly refreshed my memory by looking straight in my eyes and smiling. Exactly how she was as a child: she always had a warm smile on her face, dimples on her cheeks and wavy hair only on the sides of her head. Like I said, we met in Vienna by pure coincidence; she simply entered in my atelier to ask if I can restyle her folklore wedding dress. She actually had two wedding dresses: one for the church and one for the celebration.

She came to my atelier because in general she likes hand-made products, original designs, art, fair trade goods...

As an accessoire for her church dress she wanted to have something original, especially from my atelier. :) She went for the veil; it had to have a special fabric and quote the beautiful style of Queen Marie of Romania.

Photo source
Photo source

I first brought her a choice of fabrics:

Then, she picked this one:

Having everything done for the church dress, we started to plan the second dress’s restyle. Once more, I brought her a choice of fabrics and happily found something she loved!

Some impressions from the big day:

NoteMaria bought the first dress from a shop in Vienna. 
The wedding photography was done by an undisclosed professional photographer. 

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