Sunday, April 6, 2014

Behind “A Fashion Day By Patricia Vincent”, Spring 2014

Looking at each photo makes me proud and happy for being surrounded by the best friends, colleagues, customers, collaborators someone can wish for. “A Fashion Day By Patricia Vincent” came alive from their friendship and their appreciation of my work. After the awful experience with the Embassy of Romania everyone said: “We can have it better and easier without them!” And indeed, this was true.

First of all, I felt blessed in the moment I discovered Das Studio im 2ten. It’s simply amazing. Gonca and Alexander are so lovely and warm hearted, it felt like wounds healing, getting to know them very soon after the embassy’s painful cancellation.

In three weeks, with the help of my team of angels, I reorganised the whole event and I am soo very happy with how everything turned out!

With today I will start to publish a selected amount of photos, I received over 1000 photos and I deeply thank the photographers (Peter, Piet, Patrick, Ana Cristina and a few others) for capturing so many moments from the fittings until the end of the event. I also wish to thank Claudiu for filming the two shows; I wouldn’t have another chance to have it on video.

About 18 months ago I started to work on the two collections that I presented at “A Fashion Day By Patricia Vincent”: "I Am Leonie" and "Epic Frames". It was a very intense and hard process, but everything looks exactly how I envisioned it.

Claire Morgan mastered the collections photo shoots and Elisabeth Feldner mastered the lookbooks for my online shop (very soon to come).

Below, some snapshots from my fittings and all the preparations before the event:

Alexandra W.

Future Bride, Cristina, Assisting Her Sister At The Fitting

The presentations models (Oana, Esther and Kristina couldn't make it at the fitting):

Ana Cristina
Alkistis Maria

Visiting the location:

 Final preparations:

Few hours before the event's start:


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