Sunday, May 11, 2014

Behind Maria's Trousseau Photoshoot – Video & Photos

I got such positive feelings rediscovering these photos today! The video produced by Stu Jolley is simply the cherry from the top; it shows exactly our working process and beautiful cooperation, love the music!

Look forward getting the chance to work again with you guys, it was challenging, fun and cool!


The Gorgeous Flowers Are From Fiona Seidl
Tony Is Not Only A Great Photographer But Also A (Fun)tastic Driver
Arriving At Schloß Mittersill, An Outstanding Castle & Hotel In Salzburg County
Lots Of Maryshoes
Very Young & Talented: Lisa Buchner
I Am So Happy That I Discovered Julia :) 
Stu Jolley
Dinner Between "Takes"
Late February Morning :)
Tudor Andrei
Lorinda Horner, Our Organised Head
Beauties From Niely Hoetsch
Tea & Coffee Break

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