Tuesday, September 2, 2014


About a week ago I returned from my three weeks visit in Romania. I only had the chance to stay for a couple of days in my childhood’s neighbourhood from Bucharest but I am happy that I could spend lots of precious time with my mother. She chose to live close to the mountains and her new home is becoming my second home ... She made something great out of the house that she bought 12 years ago and I am tremendously proud that she's managing to have a beautiful living despite the economical situation in Romania. She is highly talented in making the best out of almost nothing, in raising children without any support and still being able to smile despite all the barriers and struggles. I would love to have her strength and guts, her spirit of sacrifice and generosity level but I don’t. All I can do is to admire, learn and take from her the best examples. Maybe, one day I will become like her.

We laughed a lot, we chatted about everything, we cooked, shopped groceries and visited surrounding places. I would love to show her my atelier or my Viennese home, my lifestyle, my lovely friends or even to take her by the sea but at the moment it remains just a burning wish.

Above all, I wish her strong health and to always keep her good spirits and positive energy up!

Thank you Mama & Jona Melina for taking good care of me and being the best hosts every time I come to Câmpulung.

Below, some snapshots from my Romanian holiday:

Pure spring water
My sweet and cozy accommodation in Bucharest

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