Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Sheraton Salzburg Project – Making of

Salzburg is a beautiful and special city, in the past years I’ve been there (professionally and private) about six times and I never felt as warmly welcomed as now. Before, being from Eastern Europe I experienced some unpleasant comments and behaviour from the locals (in coffee places, traditional hotels, offices, shops) but this time I saw and felt the town with different eyes. I happily observed that some of the locals are super nice to foreigners; they are friendly, share smiles and feel warm hearted. This normality changed my opinion, maybe the new generation made it possible and some years in between, mattered. Sheraton Salzburg is an international place, the staff makes sure that all the guests feel comfortable and are taken care of. We had a couple of rooms and each one was so beautiful and elegant! I also liked the lounge area, it’s quiet and filled with delicacies. :)

Lorinda & I had little sleep in the night before the shooting day, I travelled 1000km, it was pretty exhausting, but we all gave our best to do our job as we planned. The team was wonderful and the suppliers offered their beautiful products that nicely blended in the organiser's concept.

It was pure pleasure and I am looking forward to try Salzburg again!

Team & credits in Part I & Part II.

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