Saturday, November 12, 2016

Veşminte – Exhibition Video

My anniversary exhibition 12.10 – 21.10. 2016 was an unpredictable success; everyone involved in the project was absolutely wonderful (professional, valuable, focused), everything went smooth and delightful and our guests and casual visitors were absolutely lovely and supportive!

The Romanian Cultural Institute (the exhibition host and coordinator) organised evening events almost every day during my exhibition and I’ve been present at almost each of them. It was so relaxing and enriching...

I am delighted that I was offered the chance to produce a short video that captures some moments of the exhibition, so that we can keep the memories alive. I am thankful to Nils Neuer for his creativity in shooting and editing the video, his professionalism and patience and of course to all the partners and guests shown in the video: the Romanian Cultural Institute represented by vice director Mihaela Baston-Ciobanu, Dina Lee, Elham Pouladvand, Taro Ohmae, Erika Zormann, Charity Okuma, Sabrina Socaciu, Marina Istoc and little Leonardo.

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