Monday, January 23, 2017

Blossomday - dresses by Marianne Kohlmaier-Ecker, Innsbruck

I'm opening the New Year's posts journey with a bouquet of young designs and pastel colours arriving from the charming mountain city, Innsbruck. Blossomday is a little, fine brand of bridesmaids (and not only) dresses dedicated to those that are looking for a European hand-made garment with a reasonable price tag.

As I often saw that future brides won't take over the bridesmaids outfits bill or the bridesmaids are not willing to invest much into someone else's event, having the chance to find a beautiful selection of effortless and feminine dresses in Austria, is wonderful! I love how Marianne (the spirit behind the superb boutique Feinheiten) developed the concept; it's so refreshing to have such lovely and authentic labels in Austria!

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