Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Atelier

The building
The entrance

I love my atelier and spending 8-11h/day designing, sewing, meeting customers or documenting myself for new ideas or projects, makes it feel like it’s my second home.

From Mondays to Fridays I work constantly by choosing to have very few breaks, on Saturdays I try to fit small tasks as I usually stay in 2-5hours. Sunday is the main cleaning and organizing day; I’m cleaning the working space daily but at the end of the week I take care of the side areas as well.

I’ve moved in Sievering about 15 months ago after I’ve been working for 4 years in Spittelberg, the 7.th District. I’m very happy about this choice as I get plenty of natural and sun light, the 50sm are enough to be able to work, showcase my items as well having a sitting area where I take my lunch or a coffee.

I’m organizing twice a year small events where I invite my friends and customers to see new pieces and enjoy the atmosphere with (mostly live) music, drinks and snacks.

Christiana Uikiza

The area surrounding the atelier is very peaceful and green, the houses have an elegant architecture with pretty gardens and the local people are very relaxed, friendly and polite. The most important is that my atelier has all what it takes to be able to fully focus on my work as well have the freedom to set my ideas into practice.

Traditional house in Sievering
Sieveringer Stra├če


  1. As you point out, Sievering is a surprisingly quiet and green neighborhood, given that it's now part of a big city... but originally it was an independent village and it kept some of its characteristics from that time - here's a map from 1730, showing the still fortified Vienna with Sievering ("Sifering") north of it, halfway between "Closter Neuburg" and the center of Vienna: http://www.familienkunde.at/Grafik/1730_Oesterreich_Wien_Matth.gif

  2. This is really beautiful Patricia - so nice to see everything behind the scenes!

  3. The place brings me so much peace and joy!