Saturday, August 20, 2011

My First Style Counselors

My mother, 1967
My mother, 1970
My mother and grandmother enhanced my awareness to stylish and harmonious dressing in an understated form to create a respectable and admirable appearance. My grandfather has been working for many years as an inspector at the national railway company so, for my grandmother choosing her daily & special occasion wardrobe was very important. She was 25 years younger than my grandfather, her profession being inspector’s wife and mother brought her a lot of joy and pride. People’s scrutiny was starting from her outfit’s sight, it first mattered the way she was dressed and after that they were interested in different themed dialogues.

My mother as a teacher, now in pension, had lived the same pattern in the way she was dressing. Both, my grandmother and mother loved to look “right” and this attitude I’ve started to learn at an early age without being imposed or forced.
Someone’s first appearance is what people perceive foremost, could sound superficial but this is true in most situations.
Despite my mother’s salary as a teacher (one of the lowest in the Romanian system) she always found ways how to look elegant and radiant. She added in her wardrobe as much creativity as possible as she couldn’t present herself in front of the pupils’ class dressed oftener than twice in the same outfit.
So, I think that elegance has to come with the right attitude: confident and cordial.

Living since almost 10 years in Vienna, Austria I notice every day that the society’s mentality is no different than the Romanian’s from the past and present. The difference is that remaining a forever foreigner there are more stereotypes than in my country but it all starts with the first glance. I don’t feel any pressure because I like to know that I first dress for myself, my heart and confidence and if people around me would like it, even better!

Naschmarkt, Vienna

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