Friday, August 19, 2011

Proud About My Origins, Part III

My teenager years were great: I was liked, accepted, admired, felt free inside my soul and could express my talents in many forms. I was a member at the local teeny club for tapestry and chess (even went to summer tournaments) as well took volley, dance, aerobic and modeling classes.
My mother encouraged and offered us full support to enter one of the most prestigious schools in Bucharest, Scoala Centrala. To be able to start attending the gymnasium we had to pass a strict French language exam so we took the preparations with maximum determination and succeeded! I still keep contact with the majority of our colleagues; it has been a great school and environment.

Scoala Centrala, early 1900
Scoala Centrala, early 1900
Scoala Centrala, late 2000

One of the most important times of my life is the attendance at the Sunday school, a wonderful church community that guided us towards God and their teachings kept my morality high all along my life. My mother’s education and the Sunday school are the only two factors that formed me to become who I am today, a person that loves God and tries to live after His will.
I don’t have many relatives so the most pregnant family figures are my mother, my sister and my cousin Kim.
I have 4 half sisters and 1 half brother, they’re very smart and sweet but our contact was almost 0 until a couple of years ago since it slightly raised.

The decision to remain in Austria was unplanned and came as a shock to my friends.

Vienna, Austria

I was 21 when my life changed to a different direction. At that time I was studying Business Management at the Media University, was working for over 1 year at the national television station (TVR) and managed a fashion boutique in the city center.
I had the chance to see the most of Europe due to a very special person that crossed my life.

Live filming in the TVR's studio, 2002
TVR studio, 2002
Taking a break after filming a music video, 2001
With my colleagues at a music video clip filming, 2002
Short break before the the next take, 2002

As soon as my relationship with Sean (a British man living in Romania for 17 years) ended, I found myself confused and misplaced. My lifestyle besides him was very different to the one I was about to experience on my own, in Bucharest. I felt that leaving to a Western country my life comprehension and attitude will be rather fitting to the ones there.

I was right about this matter but there are many downsides that I’ve learned to ignore so I won’t mention.
I don’t feel like I belong to certain group, society or country. Now, I can say that I could live anywhere in this world. And that’s because I found my 2 big loves, mind comfort and soul compass: my husband Patrick and my profession, fashion design. Having both in my life I could be happy anywhere, anytime!

Together with Patrick, June 2011
Patricia Vincent SS 2011 dress, model Katia Wagner

Photo credits: www.foto-julius.at, www.panoramio.com

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