Sunday, September 18, 2011

Jeannette S.

I first got to know Jeannette about 1 year ago in the same time when I moved my atelier to another address. She was one of the first persons that entered in my studio to have a look at my work and ever since we keep collaborating. She loves the result of my work but it all turns out nice also because she brings good ideas fitting her personality and personal wishes. Inexplicably, depending on the customer’s energy my working process could be smooth, pleasant or difficult and tiring. That’s something that other friends of mine such as designers/tailors experience. In Jeannette’s case, I work with pleasure and I never try to impose my directions but she takes my advices very aware of the positive result. So, I always feel relaxed and enjoy every step. I don’t make custom dresses (this subject I will develop in another post) and gladly, Jeannette finds most of my designs fitting. She likes as well to redesign/alter outfits from her wardrobe that she finds boring or unfitting.

In the last 6-7 months she kept asking me to start up a blog where I can document my work with its process and end result. As she is one of my main customers and enthusiastic to share her side of fashion life, I will create a dedicated tag, named Jeannette S.

When Stephanie Levy published our interview attaching a couple of photos of myself, Jeannette felt in love with my new wrap dress.

As she was about to leave to Florence, Italy she gladly bought it and wore it with a lot of joy.

I'm happy!

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  1. Wow, Jeanette looks gorgeous in the dress! You are both beautiful ladies!! xo