Sunday, September 11, 2011

Late Summer Holidays

I seldom find the time to make dresses for myself. But usually, before going on holidays I try to dedicate some days on exclusively doing a couple of outfits for my vacation that will be adequate to the place, time of the year and activities.

This year we have decided to go on an island in the Adriatic Sea, a beautiful part of Croatia and approximate 750km away from Vienna.

Sutivan, Brac island

This small floral in pastel colors pattern was the first that caught my eye and I definitely knew in the next moment, how the dress will look like as well the accessories that will go with it.

I’ve been once wearing the dress at a corporate event held on a sky scraper roof top in Vienna. The delicate wind and the sunset colors were like an addition to the accessories.
Looking forward wearing it on the island!

I wear it with a very thin under dress

I have decided to make the following dress while thinking of a nice dinner at the yachts harbor. And I was right because there are so many small, charming harbors on the island that is hard to decide where to go for dinner…

The length is irregular that I can avoid stepping on it. The pleats are wide and few; I prefer to wear it with a belt but without could also be an option.

When I first saw the next fabric, I instantly knew that I’ll love to wear it and despite its transparency, the understated shimmer gives a special, watery effect.

I chose to make a floor length, extra wide, pleated dress, in the lower part having the light fabric and the upper part consisting in a heavier garment that will give sustainability.

One day I might try to make a similar dress, entirely out of the light fabric… I think it offers a very delicate touch on the skin, like a summer breeze.
I happily tried to wear it without a lining skirt underneath, so I dared in a remote area of the sea bay. But I won’t do it otherwise…

The dress’s length is irregular, wavy, depending on the sides as I love extra long dresses but dislike to step on them regardless the heels hight.

If you would like to have one of these dresses, don’t hesitate to contact me for further details. As I mostly make one of a kind pieces (unique) I cannot guarantee to have the same fabric but that depends on the stock’s limit.
Prices range from 160-290€ depending on the width of the skirt / no. of fabric meters and fabric quality (silk or rayon).

Brac photo: www.island-of-brac.info

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