Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Custom Bridal Clutch

I find that having a bag at your wedding is a practical choice and its style/design should perfectly match the dress. Many brides find it unnecessary but I think that it is great to have something to store in your cell, lip gloss, something blue, tissues (in case you’ll shed some tears or get cream on your face from the wedding cake).

Having a clutch, you can wear it under your arm without any inconvenience or you can always trust your mum or nearest friend to hold it for you during the religious or official ceremony.

I never liked the round, pear shaped bridal sacks with a string or loop hanging by the little finger or hand’s wrist. If it’s well done in a couture art, then it is ok but most that I’ve seen looked cheap, kitschy; simply hideous.
The bag should be a part of the outfit, an element that perfectly blends in with all the details and accessories: shoes, head piece/veil, jewels, flowers bouquet etc. Or when the dress and bag are done, the rest of the adornments should be picked by taking them first in consideration.
I appreciated that Claire took my advice by having her clutch made from the same fabric as the dress. Later, I came with the idea to embellish it with matching antique lace that partially came on the dress.

I took the courage to sew in a brown zipper and happily Claire agreed! I chose brown to come close to the shoes colour tone. I love a bit of colour on a bridal ensemble, just plain white allover (white dress, white bag, white shoes, white veil, white roses) is too boring…

Cutting out and sewing the lace took 15h
Front side
Back side

Photographers & Copyright: Bartosz Jastal, Tomasz Knapik and Claire Morgan