Sunday, February 19, 2012

Claire Morgan’s Wedding Gown, Part I

A week before the wedding date, we had a third fitting, more like a review of the whole outfit that includes the dress, clutch, shoes, head flower and jewelry. Claire was happy to have this last revision because her mother was not with her at the first and second fitting as she lives in South Africa and was arriving about three weeks before the wedding day. We then decided to add same vintage lace (that was sewn on the clutch) around the waist band, as well. A belt was not a good idea as it fits best on a straight, tight dress.
So, I’ve sewn the last details and kept the dress until the wedding day.

I was extremely nervous the night before, it is a big responsibility to hold someone else's wedding dress until the last minute… but I wanted to take part in the preparations and help Claire to have the dress freshly ironed and dressed in the right way.
The arrangements (hair, make-up, dressing up) took place in one of the hotel suites of the 25 Hours Hotel and when I arrived, helped by Claire's sister to carry my ironing board and dress’s package, I was fascinated by the wonderful view and cheerful atmosphere. Claire was very relaxed, her family and friends gladly helped me to organize myself so everything went smooth and enjoyable.

After I saw that Claire is ready to go, I went back to my atelier to finish my dress for the reception. As my highest priority was the bride the most important was to see her looking gorgeous and pleased. My dress took quite long to be done, I knew that it is important to wear it as most of the guests would have looked at my outfit.

Unfortunately we missed the beginning of the wedding, I would have loved to see Pawel’s (Claire’s husband) expression at her arrival… but I am happy to have the wonderful photos!

Pawel, waiting for his beautiful bride
The arrival!

Photographers & Copyright: Bartosz Jastal, Tomasz Knapik and Claire Morgan
Locations: 25 Hours Hotel, Colosseum XXI (Atrium & Spectacula)
Wedding gown, clutch, head flower: Patricia Vincent
Shoes: Cate Gray
Hair & make-up: Andrea Martinu
Wedding decorations: Claire Morgan and her mother (some items bought via Etsy)
Wedding Stationary: Tanja Putz
Wedding cake: Anika Post from Demel

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