Thursday, May 3, 2012

U BOX, the First Gourmet Würstelstand

photo: wien.orf.at

Yesterday I had the pleasure to be invited by Nadia and Thomas Danecek at the opening event of the most exclusive sausages stand in Vienna. The original location has been restyled into an elegant and modern place but the primary highlight represents the twist of traditional with sophistication that is reflected in the menu. For example you can try the Käsekrainer with caviar, “fromage avec saucisse caviar” joined by a glass of champagne. In addition to the luxury Käsekrainer and champagne, also cheaper sausages and hot dogs are served as well more popular offerings such as pizza or kebab. All ingredients are fresh and of the highest quality.

"We cover a full range of fast foods" said Managing Director Thomas Danecek from UY Unico company which operates several stores in Vienna. Particular emphasis is placed on staying regional: "We offer only high quality products. All meats come from Austria, of course. Liver, cheese and sausages are sourced from the family Radatz and Krainer. Exclusive Dijon mustard is served with each sausage. Also fine wines and champagne should not be missed. Good quality does not always have to be expensive, we keep reasonable prices.”

Anton Faber, Richard Lugner, Thomas Danecek and Owsep Yeritsyan
Anton Faber, the Parish Priest from St. Stephen's Cathedral blessed the newly designed location

We fully enjoyed the evening and to my pride, Nadia Danecek has chosen to wear a complete outfit designed by me. She looked fabulous and charming; all the video and photo cameras loved her!

Thomas and Nadia Danecek
Together with professional wedding photographers Heidi Morgan and Claire Morgan

Location: Schwedenplatz corner to Postgasse, 1010 Vienna

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