Saturday, May 5, 2012

Open Air Festivity Dedicated to a Traditional Maramures Gateway

Today, I visited for the first time the 6th open air event held in Laaer Wald that celebrates the cultural and social friendship between Maramures County from Romania and the 10th District of Vienna. The event has been organized by the Romanian Embassy in Vienna with the help of the cultural organization “Unirea” and Vienna’s 10th District administrative authority.

I would love if next year it will be organized again, and hope that I will have the chance to join because I’d love to approach the beautifully costumed folkloric artists as I am very interested to closely see how their traditional costumes are hand sewn. Off stage our Romanian guests were very shy and I was intimidated as well by their emotions.

The whole atmosphere has been warm, peaceful, friendly and relaxed. Traditional foods, drinks and handicrafts were brought from Romania for everyone to enjoy!

Thank you dear artists for keeping our beautiful traditions alive!

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