Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Photo Shoot for die-frau.at

The lifestyle online magazine die-frau.at organized as part of their "young designers" theme a photo shoot featuring some of the dresses from my Luft collection.

The story line depicts the morning hours of four tourist friends returning to their hotel after a night out in Vienna. They all meet for a chat in one of their rooms and after a short while they decide to continue to enjoy the day with a breakfast on the beautiful hotel’s terrace. 

I’m happy to share with you the full photo gallery, please click here.

Many thanks to the great team;  it was a real pleasure working together!

Creative Director: Sandra Bakula
Models: Esther Elis, Izabela Kostic, Katharina Lackner, Nadia Danecek
Hair & Make-up: Viviane Szer
Dresses & Clutches: Patricia Vincent
Necklaces: Atelier K.
Shoes: Shoetation & Sandra Bakula
Photos: Werner Himmelbauer
Location:  L-Suite & Dachboden25hours Hotel Vienna

Special thanks to Fabian Galler, administration manager 25hours Hotel Vienna

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