Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Meeting Erika Zahl–Berg

This year brought me a couple of special people in my life and getting to know Erika represents one of the highlights of my last years! Because of Erika I see Vienna with bigger eyes, I see people with more openness and in more detail. I now set a higher value on today’s Viennese style because with diamonds like Erika living here, Vienna is a rich town.

I feel blessed that she coincidentally came in my atelier for the first time this spring and I still have the chance to discover her world. When I first saw her I thought that she is an actress. Honestly, I only saw in movies a lady like her: extremely charming, stylish, beautiful, posh and dazzling. I was in awe and I felt so lucky that every time she was in the neighbourhood she took the chance and came by the atelier. It can be any day of the week and she would dress with such a great taste, in arty combinations and a cool approach.

Soon after I got to know her, I got the idea that I would love to share with my friends and customers her stylish, artistic and graceful identity. I was very nervous when I first asked her because my plan was to best organize a photo shoot in her personal ambiance, at her apartment. So, I didn’t know how she would react. In the beginning she felt flattered but also a bit reluctant. When I insisted by saying that she is a true example and inspiration for many of the women today, she accepted but asked me to organize the photo session two months later, in September because she loves theater and will visit the Festspiele in Salzburg.
We’ve set the date for the 15th of September and everything went after the plan! Her apartment mirrors Erika and her husband's personalities: art & life lovers, positive thinking and open minded. They are true jetsetters and their most favourite travels are on cruise ships.
Erika prepared for our shoot some outfits that she loves to wear on the cruises, depending on the activities around she likes to look and feel great.

Thank you Erika for allowing me to share your unique world!

Above, Erika's Beloved Painting That She Bought In Udine: The Wedding
Erika is Holding Her Favorite Black Jacket With Colourful Lining from Sonia Rykiel
Vintage Kitchen Floor
Jugendstil Kitchen Tiles
Necklace: Atelier K., Top: Patricia Vincent, Trousers: Armani, Shoes: Casadei
 I Love These Fringes!
Eames Set
Lovely Stuart Weitzman Sandals
Erika Shows Us Her Custom-Made Caribbean Holiday Photo Album
One of Erika's Most Adored Objects: The Curry Shade Typing  Machine
Lost Family and Friends
Versace Top & Skirt
In Love With Prada Shoes
"From The Car to The Restaurant!", Erika Nick-Names These Gorgeous Louis Vuitton Shoes

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