Thursday, November 29, 2012

Double Celebration

Yesterday evening I joyfully celebrated my husband’s birthday and the National Day of Romania. It was a beautiful coincidence as the National Day of Romania is on the 1st of December but it was decided that the reception, honouring this special day, to be held on Wednesday the 28th of October.

I am on the guests list for the Embassy’s National Day reception since 6-7 years, the approximate time since I am proudly representing my home country through my work. I was a "good Romanian" even before that time but being now more visible in the Viennese society, I like to share good vibes coming from my country. I always say that something positive can come from Romania as well because Romanians are like any other citizens from foreign countries. I never believed in stereotypes.

We had a great time, I was happy to see Patrick fully enjoying the evening, it means a lot to me. Most of the occasions he doesn’t like to attend events, I either have to go alone or take a dear friend with me. I fully respect and understand his decisions but I miss his presence when he prefers to stay at home.

Looking back, I can say that this year’s celebration was the best ever. It’s just a personal feeling. First of all, it was a huge pleasure to meet friends or acquaintances that I only meet very seldom (out of free time lack). The ambassador, Her Excellency Silvia Davidoiu personally greeted us and the Second Secretary Lorena Feruta was as warm and friendly as always.

I felt great in my dress; it was so comfortable and soft... I managed to sew it on the same day (prepared the pattern the evening before ), all went smooth and fast.

Romanian Delicacies
Great Moldavian Red Wine
The Culinary Highlight
With Manuela Pantea (She Always Has Great Ideas)
With Beatrice Gheorghe (I Will Mention Her Work In The Next Post)
Tired Patrick, Time To Go Home...

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