Sunday, November 25, 2012


I first heard about twobirds (bridesmaids wear) from Pia Clodi when we met last Saturday over a coffee. She is welcoming and encouraging the idea of promoting the American bridesmaids tradition in Austria. I very much liked her arguments and when Claire Morgan supported them a few days later when we had a talk about it, I started to see everything more clear. If a bride decides to have bridesmaids, they should stand out of the crowd and not be confused with other guests. Many would wear it just for the ceremony and pick something else for the reception, that’s an option in case they wish to feel unique.

Most well organized weddings have a colour theme and choosing one of the theme’s colours for the bridesmaids dresses it’s a smart decision.

Claire invited me to attend the twobirds showroom opening in Vienna that took place on Friday & Saturday. We decided to go on Saturday (yesterday) before lunch hours. My day hasn’t started too well but knowing that I’ll meet Claire, it gave me the energy to drive downtown. She is like a soul healer, being around her I always feel like I’m finding my inner peace and floods of positive energies. Reaching the showroom’s address was easy but we didn’t expect it to be in an apartments building. Still, we were very curious and as we were entering in the building, more and more we could smell scented candles and a delicate perfume.

As the door opened, it felt like we entered in a different world! Not just the beautiful interior design but also the relaxing atmosphere made us feel very welcomed and cozy!

Birgit Horn, the owner of Wedding Avenue agency greeted us warmly and offered us more information about her new project, twobirds. She decided to bring the New York based label to Vienna when she felt in love with a twobirds dress in London. Knowing from her professional experience that there is a lack of good quality bridesmaids dresses in Austria she is happy to be one of the pioneers in consolidating the tradition here, in her home country.

More and more weddings have civil ceremonies in beautiful locations (even the ones that skip the church) and more brides wish to have a complete wedding idea defined by smart details.

Birgit invited us to try on what colour or design we would like and even if at first I was hesitant (I felt unconfortable with my body), in the end it was such a pleasure; looking at a dress or wearing it makes a big difference! In a very long time I haven’t been dressed and taken care of by somebody else in a shop/showroom, it’s a special feeling! The dress was so smooth; I loved the weight and easiness to wear.

Claire picked a rosa one, her favourite colour:

The Dresses Can Be Worn In 15 Different Ways


  1. Dear Patricia
    I do so enjoy reading your blogs! Your words describe the occasion so beautifully that I feel as if I am walking with you and enjoying the event with you. Thank you for posting these photos of Claire! As I miss so much of her daily life, it is wonderful to be able to experience just a tiny bit of what she is up to! I think you look gorgeous in that deep Burgundy colour! I especially like the one with the one shoulder side sweep. Just stunning! xxx
    Corinne Howe

  2. Thank you for your beautiful words dear Corinne, I appreciate that you follow my blog; I invest a lot of time and feelings into in. Claire is a beautiful person; everybody loves her because she shines only positive energies. I fully understand that you miss her but I’m sure that you feel relieved seeing that she is doing well, she is definitely on good hands starting with Pawel's till her friends and customers.
    Many hugs!