Monday, December 31, 2012

Thank You 2012!

Looking back, I am now sure that this year has been the best since I’ve moved to Austria, over 10 years ago. Filled with love, small professional achievements, tough life learning lessons, travels, lovely people... I honestly wish that 2013 will bring at least half of all the beautiful things, situations and positive surprises that I was charmed with in 2012!

I’m happy that my friendship's universe and personal side of my profession brightened up with the consolidation of my friendship to Claire Morgan. We know each other since about four years but 2012 brought us closer and I’m so lucky that I’ve got to know her better! She is such an inspiration, everybody adores her (her family, friends, business partners, photography clients), her presence is always so calming and delightful and each of our professional cooperation was/is magical.
Through Claire, in 2012, I gained new valuable friendships and acquaintances: Nadia is an amazingly charming, intelligent, beautiful, loyal person... Pia is full of creative surprises, a talented photographer that I love to work with... Claire’s mother (Corrine), Thomas (Nadia’s husband), Ingrid & Sergej, Nicky, Theo, Heidi, Sky, Anika, Barbara and Catherine are all small supporters of my work. Thank you, my dears!

My atelier, my profession represent a big part of my life; I don’t see it as a business because I never planned to get rich (and it will not happen). It’s simply my baby. Everything I do is filled with love, passion and dedication. In 2012 I finally realized that it’s essential to be surrounded by the right people with positive energies. 2012 wiped off all the negativity that came from the wrong relations, bad situations or materialistic “friends”. It was a short but painful learning process that I am now very grateful living it.

Additionally, 2012 brought me: into a small, wonderful community that I got to know through the Romanian Embassy in Vienna (to name a few special people: Lorena, Manuela & Beatrice);
wonderful trips (the highlight and most positive surprise was Napoli & Pozzuoli) and enjoyable collaborations with my adorable female customers.

This summer’s highlight was my formal wedding event, a moment that I was craving about since long...

Patrick, my husband is besides me since December 2007 and I know that in all the years to come he will be here, with me. He will be my everything!

I wish everyone a great 2013 (and not only this year!)! Take your time to enjoy what you like, don’t be afraid to show your feelings, learn how to say “no” when you fell like it's the right thing, be creative, pray... dedicate more time on yourself (body & soul), good music and inexpensive travels! Smile sometimes for no particular reason!


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