Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Delightful Dinner Meeting

Last week we had the pleasure to meet Ariane & Kurosch; it was the first time seeing them since they’ve moved to Vorarlberg in early spring, 2012. It was so nice meeting them, having a long chat and telling each other our life stories from the past year. It was new to hear about the strong contrasts Vorarlberg offers, it somehow saddened me. In my naivety, I always thought that where gorgeous nature exists should be paradise to live in...

Ariane is one of my first brides; it was a true pleasure working with her and ever since we remained friends. During the working process on her dress, I felt totally relaxed, she was so easy going and as far as I remember we only had 1 easy fitting, actually to decide where to position the silk roses. She is the first bride that gave me some of her wedding photos, until her, none gave me anything, so Ariane opened the door to sharing photos of my work:

Best: no straps

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