Monday, January 7, 2013

Graceful Lace Bridal Gown, Part II

Despite it was a rainy day, the wedding mood was bringing all of us lots of warmth, joy and emotions! Barbara and Adi invited us to their reception; it was such a pleasure to receive their invitation!

The day started at the hair & make-up salon, then a short coffee break followed by a one hour stop at my atelier:

Rosa, a Beautiful Girl with a Beautiful Name

Barbara asked me a couple of weeks before the wedding date to change the wool lining of her daughter’s dress. I then suggested to have her and Rosa dressed up in my atelier on the event's day. Profesionally, I’m far removed from kids wear as I don’t have children or never sew mini outfits. But I gave my best to have it done properly:

Replaced the Wool Lining for a Viscose One

Ready for the ceremony:

In Romania, Rainy Wedding Means Wealthy Future Life

The formal ceremony and reception took place at a traditional Heuriger in Klosterneuburg, Trat Wiesner.

I Was Overwhelmed by Compliments from Barbara's Friends & Family, It Was Amazing!

I’m very pleased with the result, all went as planned despite in parallel I was fully busy with my own wedding, mine took place two days before Barbara’s.

About a month later I shortened the gown, looking forward seeing Barbara wearing it with a cool leather jacket or simply natural!

Wedding fotos: Christian Hofer


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    1. Thank you for your lovely message! I'll check your blogs!

  2. Ohhhh This little shoes is sooo Cute!!! Love it!