Thursday, January 17, 2013

Yvonne’s Silk and French Lace Bridal Gown - Planning & Fittings

Yvonne’s bridal project was a beautiful challenge and a getting to know each other process. I respect my work and take it serious but in her case it was a bit more intense as some factors influenced my approach. I won’t get into details but all I can say is that I didn’t want to disappoint anyone.

We met many times along the working process and each time it was a mix of fun and work! At her second visit she introduced me to her sweeeet daughter, Clara, it was a delight as she was very quiet and calm. I love well behaved kids; I always give my respect to their parents! As you see, mini lady Clara and Lady Yvonne chose together the fabrics for the gown: off-white pure silk Taft and French lace. As for me, it’s always a dream but in the same time a challenge to work with high quality garments: first, because from the cutting, sewing, ironing till wearing it, a luxury and natural fibres fabric will act wonderfully but secondly, you are allowed no mistakes (one mistake can cost you more than your paid work).

The design idea was provided by Yvonne and had to have an understated, clean elegance, to look special but not exaggerated, to have a twist of coolness but romance in the same time.
I guess it took us three to four fittings till we had everything set perfectly; we mostly focused on the length adjustments as at first Yvonne wasn’t sure about wearing a crinoline. In the end she decided not to wear it and she felt so relieved because I was more towards having it. But sure, I understood her reasons. 

I wish to thank Alex Dragon for recommending my services to Yvonne. As I wrote in an earlier post, the highest majority of my bridal work comes from references. Then, I deeply thank Yvonne for offering me the honour to be her wedding gown tailor & designer. It’s a great feeling! She was never late to our appointments, our email/phone contact had a perfect timing.
Another point that I very much appreciate is her decision to be accompanied by Steffi, one of her best friends. It makes a huge difference to have the right person besides while you do your fittings. Steffi was like a good angel, very calm, pleasant and respectful. Without intruding, she gave her opinion in a fair manner so we always found the best solutions. A friend is there to help not to destroy such special moments...
It only happened once to go through an awful experience (a customer’s husband, by profession elevators mechanic, that was convinced he knew everything about tailoring) but I’ve heard from my colleagues that bad company (parents, children, friends, colleagues) can ruin the whole mood even the working process.

Here are some snap shots from our fittings, Yvonne could only pass by in the evening, the lighting conditions were poor. But I’m happy we could catch some impressions. Steffi helped by taking some photos and I’m sure she’ll like to see the result, on the blog.

In the next post I will publish some photos from the wedding, I loved everything: the location, the general positive mood and of course the beautiful bride's ensemble!

At the First Fitting Yvonne Brought Champagne and Smiles :)

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