Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Philosophy Behind My Bridal Projects

© Claire Morgan

I’m always honoured to be trusted and appreciated when I’m chosen to make wedding dresses/gowns. I’m not a typical wedding designer as my future brides are not popping by chance in my atelier. There has been only one exception, Ariane, when she simply came in my atelier and asked about wedding dresses. In all situations I’m either recommended by friends, photographers or customers (thank you for recommending me :)) or I’m discovered via my blog or other blogs (thank you dear bloggers)!

Not being typical, there are advantages and disadvantages: my past work is not easy to be found as it’s not fully documented, I didn’t advertise it (yet) on my website (it’s in progress) and people don’t really have a clear picture about my creative & sewing abilities, prices. I guess I left out the advertising chapter because I didn’t want to be perceived as a full wedding designer. But as orders continue to come, I will start to be more active in organizing my bridal portfolio. The advantage that I bring in my services is that I take each order very personal. I fully involve my heart, time, work, skills in every step of the process and I treat each bridal project with responsibility, honesty and respect. Not like many others, I don’t customize cheaply, industrially made dresses on the person's body but I produce a dress/gown fully based on the future bride’s ideas and fantasy starting from a sketch or other inspirational factors.

Not being typical, I don’t tailor dresses that I can’t identify with and I don’t enslave myself in a project that I don’t believe in, only for the financial gain. I’m happy to work on five to six bridal projects/year and to give each the attention that’s needed.

I love being a freelance fashion designer; a big part of my work is represented by the creative & sewing process of my other two priorities: women's wear and handbags (I produce one collection/year of each segment).

Currently I'm working on a folder that will give all the info about my bridal offers. A digital form will be available on my website as well.

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