Sunday, January 20, 2013

Yvonne’s Silk and French Lace Bridal Gown -The Delightful Wedding Day

The wedding took place in autumn and weeks before the date we started to feel highly nervous regarding the weather conditions. It kept raining almost every day and I was praying for a miracle. The chosen location shows a lot of charm if its events take place in the beautiful garden. Yvonne & Clemens’s wedding was planned to take place outside in the garden, sure, the organizers prepared a plan B but it wasn’t as lovely.

The wedding day arrived, I couldn’t tell what the weather was in Weichselbaum, Burgenland but in Vienna it was slightly cloudy but warm. At noon I received a text message from our friend Alex, writing that everything is perfect at the location, the sun shines and that Yvonne looks stunning and very happy! I was soo relieved and happy :) The next day Yvonne also sent me a text message saying that they had a perfect wedding with lots of fun, laughs, emotions, compliments for her looks & dresses, dance and sun!

Two days after the wedding I received a sweet and touching present bag containing: home-made apricot marmalade (every wedding guest received a jar), a thank you card handwritten by Yvonne (her thoughts and considerations were touching my heart) and a few photos from the wedding (I was burning of curiosity to see some photos). I brought the marmalade to my mother, in Romania, and we fully enjoyed it together (she’s a big food lover).

Yvonne loves to dance and decided to wear a second dress later in the evening. She picked a dress from my latest collection, Luft and it fitted her perfect (I just had to slightly adjust it at the bodice)!

I’m very thankful that Yvonne and Clemens accepted to share some of their beautiful photos; it wasn’t easy to pick these ones from their gallery as each photo is so charming:

One of My Favourite Photos
I’m Crazy About the Moments When the Groom Waits to First Sees His Princess, It’s so Romantic! 

Wedding Photography: Maria Hollunder
Location: die träumerei

P.S. Yvonne is a beautiful, intelligent, open-minded person; I also appreciate her punctuality and ability to try new things! So, I invited her to model for my official Valeska photo shoot. She happily accepted and we had a great time! Here you can see the photo gallery.


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