Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Autumn Bride

Alexandra is one of Patrick’s (my husband’s) best friends. They know each other since over 10 years and despite they/we meet pretty seldom, it always feels like there was no
time gap between our meetings. My only regret is that I missed to see her pregnant, I would have loved that! Her pregnancy felt so short to me... maybe because she was very slim and the fact that we see each other once or twice a year was making me say "Wow, she has a baby!"
Luca, Alex’s son is adorable and extremely sweet! I love the fact that he is so warm, kind, generous, friendly and (almost) never cries.

Alex and her boyfriend Thomas decided to tie the knot in the same day with the baby’s baptism. They chose to organize a very private celebration, with family members only. The wedding event was limited to the formal part but I would love to see Alex in a white gown. Who knows, maybe one day they will also marry in a fairytale surrounding. I would repeat my wedding day anytime, I loved being a bride!

Alex liked a dress from my latest collection but it was already sold a couple of months before and that vintage fabric out of stock. She is a very talented, highly regarded graphic designer and her professional eye towards patterns is very selective.

She didn’t like any of the fabrics patterns available in the city so she came with a great idea: better a plain fabric than a cheap looking one. After long thinking (she’s a loyal black colour fan) she went for this shade of caffè latte crêpe de Chine silk:

Here are some snap shots from our fittings & the end result:

A couple of weeks later, Alex and Thomas invited all their friends to toast a glas of wine in the honor of their union:

Alex surprised me with a sweet present:

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