Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Interview Published in Adevărul Newspaper

This morning I received the wonderful surprise to read one of the most detailed newspaper article written about my life and profession.

Adevărul ("The Truth") is a Romanian daily newspaper, based in Bucharest. Founded in 1871 and reestablished in 1888, it was the main left-wing press venue to be published during the Romanian Kingdom's existence, adopting an independent pro-democratic position, advocating land reform, and demanding universal suffrage. As innovative publications which set up several local and international records during the early 20th century, Adevărul and its sister daily Dimineaţa competed for the top position with the right-wing Universul before and throughout the interwar period. More on:  en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adevărul 

Front page of the first issue in the 1888 series. Source: Wikipedia

Mircea Goia was born and raised in Romania and lives in the United States since 2005. He works mainly as a web developer and web consultant while he shares interest in entrepreneurship and filmmaking. He writes for Adevărul about Romanians living abroad that have professional achievements, passions and talents in different fields.
I was honoured when he approached me for this interview and I instantly very much admired his professionalism and how seriously he took it. Every question is well defined and thorough.

The interview is written in Romanian but Google Translator will help you get to the main ideas: my perception regarding the Austrian life; my career description and approach; people, things that influence my work and life...

Here you can read it!


  1. Mult succes in tot ce intreprinzi si te asteptam sa revii in Romania!

    1. Va multumesc pentru sustinere si cuvintele frumoase! O sa va vizitez cu mare drag!