Sunday, July 7, 2013

Inspirational Wedding Photo Shoot Wrapped in Viennese Flair, First Details

A couple of days ago I had the beautiful opportunity to be a part of a creative photographic project initiated by Vienna-based wedding photographer, Tony Gigov.
I loved the concept from the moment Tony and wedding planner Monika Toth presented it over a visit at my atelier.

Only a week before their visit, I started to work on a new addition to my Gentle Fairies & The Golden Flowers bridal collection and the timing was perfect: Tony and Monika loved the dress in work and I could finish sewing it by the time of the shoot.

I was so happy to find out that Nicky Webb was chosen to be the model bride, we have been previously working together and it was always easy, professional and fun! She is also a very talented jewellery designer so we could use her gorgeous designs at the shoot. The groom model, Niklas Erblich, was simply fantastic!

Since a while ago I wanted to work together with make-up artist Alexandra Condopoulos and this occasion brought us together. She is very talented, focused and kind...

The photo shoot lasted about six hours, the weather was perfect and everything else went wonderfully smooth. I’m very excited and looking forward to be sharing with you the result!

Thank you dear Team, it was such a pleasure and delight working with you!

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