Sunday, August 11, 2013

My Romania Through The Eyes Of Piet Payer


I just returned from my three weeks journey to Romania; I had an amazing time, met new people, saw interesting places and enjoyed delicious culinary recipes.

The highlight of my stay was the one week road trip that I was very pleased to organize and spend with three of the most interesting Austrians that I have ever met. The road trip itself was the best in my life, I laughed like never before, my Austrian friends were a great company and the general mood was so intense and special. I had the chance to travel a lot as a child, my mother organized many trips and camps for her pupils and she was allowed to take me and my sister along; later, starting with the age of 12, I began travelling to different countries, till today I saw 26 European countries and 4 from other continents and I can’t remember that I ever experience a similar joy...

Thank you Erika, Susanne, Piet and Iri!

Here are some impressions and surroundings captured by Piet Payer:

Nicolae Minovici Museum
Room From The Beautiful Scala Hotel
Scala Hotel
Caru' cu bere Restaurant, Bucharest
Târgu Ocna
Countryside, Sfântu Gheorghe
Coliba Haiducilor Restaurant
Morning View, Alpin Hotel
Biserica Neagră, Brașov
Bran Castle
Holy Trinity Cathedral, Sibiu
Podul Minciunilor (Lügenbrücke), Sibiu
Curtea de Argeș Cathedral
Warm Hearted Girls - Stoenești, Argeș
Casa di David, Bucharest


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  2. How nice the scenery are! We had also 2 weeks journey to Romania that was really interesting!