Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Villa And The Park Golescu of Campulung-Muscel

The Golescu Villa was built by one of Wallachia's oldest families, with a history dating back to the fifteenth century. Irina and Elena Golescu, the last descendants of this family, donated their house and all its contents to the Pro Patrimonio Foundation: antique furniture, library, small objects, carpets and paintings. The Villa was built in 1910 by their father, in the neo-Romanian style typical for the region. The property includes a small cottage and annex. The buildings are situated on a hill overlooking the city, surrounded by a terraced park including many rare and exotic trees and plants brought from abroad by the owner of the house, Vasile Golescu.

About a week ago I was invited by a very nice lady to visit the Villa Golescu and get an impression. I didn’t expect much, I thought it’s an abandoned house, once beautiful but now a ruin. Most of the beautiful houses and villas in Campulung keep degrading, the owners can’t afford a restoration and despite being considered historical monuments, the government is ignoring the situation.

I was positively surprised to see that Villa Golescu (and the front side of the park) is still a piece of jewel. Thanks to Pro Patrimonio Foundation that received the whole property as a donation from the former owners, we now have the chance to see a wonderfully restored mini palace. 
I was simply delighted by every little piece inside the villa and I am happy to share my impressions with you:

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