Friday, November 8, 2013

Gentle Fairies & The Golden Flowers Collection No. 1 - Photo Shoot Impressions

Today we finished shooting the second part of my GF & GF Collection No.1. I am still excited and amazed by the whole process; I have the luck to work with the most beautiful and talented people! Everything came together perfectly, from the amazing weather and the beautiful surroundings to the great mood and the feeling of achieving something I dreamt of for a long time.

I wish to deeply thank everyone involved for their love, passion, support and enthusiasm!

Special thanks to Claire Morgan for bringing my work to life time after time!

Below, some impressions from the shooting days:

Photography: Claire Morgan / claire-morgan.com
Photo assistant, part I: Mascha Verkooijen / maschaverkooijen.com
Models: Graziela Bejan, Alice Preston & little Maia
Hair & Make-up: Destiny Kismet & Ratchanee Luang
Headpieces: Patricia Vincent Bridal / bridal.patriciavincent.com & Niely Hoetsch / nielyhoetsch.com
Shoes: Adina Alchine / APRIME Shoes
Locations: Private properties, Vienna

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