Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Crazy About Tiziana Terenzi

This summer, before my holidays, I ordered eight perfume samples to enjoy them on my upcoming trip. It’s not easy to decide which perfue to try, so I went after the character’s description and ingredients selection. When I received the samples, with one exception I wasn’t impressed with my choice... still, I wasn’t disappointed at all. That exception meant so much to me; it was wrapping my soul and mind in pleasure and delight! I've never heard before about the Terenzi perfume house but I was so intrigued that I went on ordering the other three perfume samples of the collection. I was wondering about their differences and smilarities, and I do detect a certain "house note". But each of the four fragrances has such an unique character, that I can fully identify with the statement that the creators give us: “In our fragrances, we gathered the impressions of four stages of a journey that was dedicated to the mysterious entity of fire."

I was often asked which one I prefer to have and my casual, same answer was ”I can’t decide, I love them all, I simply adore Tiziana!”

To make my decision easier, I, again, ordered four samples of the collection. Still, an impossible task to choose one!

"Gold Rose Oudh" was my first love.
"XIX March" is so noble.
"White Fire" is amazingly delicate, fresh, charming.
"Ecstasi" is wild, holy, intense, mystical.

I would wear each of them at any time of the day or night, at any stage of my creative process (it helps me a lot), moods, trips etc.

This Christmas, Santa made a choice for me! He started with my first love and I am looking forward to have the other three lining up next to my Gold Rose Oudh. Thank you Santa, I am truly happy!

The house is creating amazing perfumes, but they are well known for their waxworks such as birthday, massage, aromatherapy, scented candles. Here you can learn more about the family history:

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