Saturday, December 28, 2013

Someday, We Will Definitely Meet Again

“It’s ten months since I saw you for the last time, the longest period ever. I clearly remember the autumn of 2004 when we first got to know each other; you had the same smile like in February of 2013, a cheerful, positive smile that I will never forget. Every day I think of you, not with sadness but with joy that I got to know you, I am happy as you always wanted me to be. I miss your jokes and good spirits but I feel that you are somewhere on one of your trips, in a place that you feel good and safe. When I miss you most, I would play Marisa Monte, get a glass of good red wine and a piece of your favourite lemon cake. Thank you for being in my life, thank you for taking the father role, a father that I never had, thank you for giving me a helping hand, a shoulder to cry or a good advice when I needed, thank you for sending me amazing people since you left... I am proud that you exist in my life, all my friends or family truly admired and respected you. Someday, we will definitely meet again!”

Below, our last six hours chat, I never thought that it will be the last time I’ll see Willi. I remember that I cried a lot, I cried because for a while I didn’t see him. I told him that I missed him and he smiled and said that he is my biggest fan, that I should never doubt his disappearance, he will always stay with me.

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