Monday, December 30, 2013

Thank You 2013!

First of all I wish to thank God for bringing me into this year and hopefully into as many as possible in the future! I love the life He has given me and as my middle name represents, I feel blessed and adored.

2013 has been the most challenging year since I opened my atelier. A couple of months ago I entered the 8th year with my business; it took a long way to consolidate everything what I have today: a small, fine, quality brand - exactly what I ever dreamed and went for.

This year I designed and produced seven collections, it wasn't exactly planned to have as many, it all came natural:

I Am Leonie (SS 2014) - available starting with February 2014
Ruffled Romance (Capsule Collection No. 1) - sold out
Epic Frames (Capsule Collection No. 2) - available starting with January 2014
Joƫlle (Cozy Travel Bags) - almost sold out, new additions will follow
GF & GF Collection No. 1 - to be seen & tried in my atelier by appointment only
GF & GF Formal - Collection No. 1 - to be seen & tried in my atelier by appointment only
Bridal Jackets - Collection No. 1 - to be seen & tried in my atelier by appointment only (http://www.patriciavincent.com/jackets.htm)

I will soon add all the available items in my online store (patriciavincent.bigcartel.com) and on www.nelou.de.

I feel grateful for having the chance to work with wonderful professionals; in 2013 I launched a new website and a perfectly designed printed catalogue for the Leonie lookbook, my designs were photographed in almost twenty photo projects and I participated for the first time at the most exclusive Austrian wedding fair, Wedding Affairs. I am very proud that I've gained a couple of enthusiastic customers, the biggest reward is their smiles and to see their pleasure when they wear an item that contains a piece of my heart. All the media coverage that I received represents the "cherry on the top", the most articles were published by www.hochzeitsguide.com. Thank you!

A special Thank you! to Claire Morgan, the Angel that brought so much light to my career.

I wish 2014 to be a continuation of everything good that began this year.

My personal life is running hand-in-hand with my professional one. I am trying to bring as much pleasure, joy, profound thinking and commitment in both of them!

Thank you for your trust, support and care!

I wish that the New Year will bring you all a lot of good energy, smiles, great projects and everything you wish for!

Hugs :)

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