Sunday, February 2, 2014

Claudia & I - Our Lost and Found Fondness

I got to know Claudia in March 2003, we were taking part in a dancing workshop at Holmes Place and by pure chance, our instructor happily noticed that he has two Romanians in his class: Claudia and me! Since that day for seven years we were best friends, as close as sisters. She knows me so well that it’s enough to phone her, say a single word and she’d figure if I’m fine or not. She took great care of me in moments of need and stood besides me in moments of joy. I could tell her everything even stay naked in front of her without feeling shy or uncomfortable. I hope I was a good friend as well and that I brought her as much value as she did to my life. After seven years, life and people pulled us apart and never thought that we will meet again. But, last summer while heading to my atelier, I heard my name called in a very sweet, familiar tone. Only my oldest and closest friends still call me Paty so I knew immediately that it’s Claudia! She was having lunch at one of the coziest terraces near my atelier and invited me to join and have a talk. Since that time until now we’ve met three times, last time it happened a couple of days ago when she passed by to try and buy some designs. Despite the three years break, I still feel very close and secure in her presence. I feel that she still knows me incredibly well and that we can talk about absolutely everything, she simply feels like family.

Below are some snapshots from our meeting; she got three pieces and is looking forward to wear them when the weather will get nice. Claudia is a talented painter, she started painting about 15 years ago, has lots of works and exhibitions, I’ll announce on the blog her next event.

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