Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Custom-made: Silk & Leather Floor Length Dress for Special Occasions

Beatrice is one of my beloved friends, I only know her since one year but we meet often and every time chat with full pleasure for hours because we share similar life views and interests. She is a wonderful person; I love her sense of humour, cooking skills, openness and the fact that she knows how to keep her friends secrets.
I sometimes design for her and every time I am impressed by her correctness when it comes to the part that it’s hard to talk between friends; the payment for my services. Each time I work for her she is making sure that all costs are covered, asks me ten times if there are extra payments needed and thanks me a million times when the item is ready.

Last summer she started to prepare the outfit for one of her best friend’s wedding. She knew exactly what she wanted to wear and that made everything smooth and easy. We met over breakfast at a cafĂ© in Wien Mitte and cleared all points including the working process.

I admire that Beatrice wore the dress again, a month after the wedding celebration and I am sure she will do it with other occasions as well!

Wedding Photographer: Bogdan Teodosiu

Claire Morgan's Champagne Evening:

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