Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Fashion Day By Patricia Vincent

Looking at all these photos it makes me say “What a wonderful and special day!”

I wish to thank everyone that showed their interest in my work and passed by, a warm thank you! to all those that supported my project and a big thank you! to those that keep believing in me.

A special thank you! to my dear colleagues that invested in the goodie bags:

adorable wedding & event planner Lorinda Horner, artist and designer of precious headpieces Niely Hoetsch, fine art photographer Elisabeth Feldner, cool jewellery designer Charity Akuma, the amazing newborns, babies and maternity portrait photographer Diana Moschitz, one of the best nails care specialist and nails designer Eva Bukovski.

A sweet thank you! to my collaborators:

Photography: Ana Cristina B., Peter Steinsberg, Piet Payer and Patrick
Hair & Make-up: Adriana Holban, Ratchanee Luang, Claudia Fromaschitz (GILBIRD), Christina Alexandra
Models: Isabella Wu, Adina Alchine, Esther E.H, Ana Cristina B., Oana Maria, Caecilia Lahner, Carina Adriana Vardie, Kristina Rauchlechner, Alexandra Silagyi, Katja Schwarz, Clara Kö, Carmen Carlaont, Isabella Wu, Leah Hauptmann, Alexandra Samara, Alkistis Maria Mavromati, Sneha Brandtner
Setting decoration: Mademoiselle Fée
Backstage support: Beatrice Gheorghe, Michael Zykan, Odeta Dragomir, Tobias Heinrich, Adina Alchine, Carina Adriana Vardie and Marga
Location: Gonca Warhanek and Alexander Charistos (Das Studio im 2ten)

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