Thursday, April 17, 2014

A wonderful visit to Stuttgart

The reason that I visited for the first time in my life Stuttgart is the angelic bride-to-be Claudia. The story of our friendship and collaboration began about a year ago, when she discovered one of my Gentle Fairies & The Golden Flowers dresses. A set of beautiful photos taken by very talented wedding photographer Pia Clodi got published in the first edition of Hochzeitswahn book; I was lucky to have my designs amongst Pia’s work, Claudia bought the book and fell in love with one of the dresses. A couple of months later, in August 2013 she wrote me about her interest in this particular dress and offered to come to Vienna to try on the prototype.

Her visit in October 2013 was an extraordinary experience: I got to know her and her family; every minute was simply filled with positive emotions, tears of joy and excitement!

They all agreed that my signature design is Claudia’s best choice so I started to work on a complete package: the bridal dress, jacket, silk flower headpiece, veil, clutch and sash. We kept permanent contact, the working process has been smooth and pleasant and I am so happy with the final result!

I offered to visit her and do the fitting in her hometown, Stuttgart. My idea was highly welcomed and appreciated.

Claudia helped me to find the most suitable studio-apartment and she was right; I absolutely adored it! As a side note, since about three years I only pick accommodation offers from airbnb.com and until now I was very lucky and pleased with my choices.

My stay in Stuttgart was an absolute dream :)

I wish I would have Claudia's family! They are so warm hearted, generous, caring and sensitive!

The fitting went great, it took place in the studio where I stayed, Ana, the landlady, made sure I have everything necessary (body sized mirror, ironing machine & board, milk and coffee), we enjoyed chocolates, traditional Brezels and the results of my work.

At noon we went for a planned photoshoot with Claudia’s sister, Rike. The concept and the photo gallery I will present in one of my following posts!

The evening was amazingly cozy and delicious :) I can’t remember I ever eat such delicious asparagus... Restaurant Vetter (Bopserstra├če 18) won my heart; they cook with soul and less salt, exactly how I loove it!

Below, some impressions, from my arrival late in the evening until my return home:

Arrival in Ana's Apartment

Next day in the morning, starting to prepare the bridal package and the dresses for the photoshoot:

 Heading to the photoshoot locations:

To me, Stuttgart already feels homey, it has an international flair, the people were very friendly and I loved their clear German language (so easy for me to understand and reproduce).

Can't Have Enough Natural Soaps & Apothecary Products
Markthalle, Loved It!
Rike, Verena & Claudia (left to right)
With Rike and Muhammad Afzal (Our Talented Photographer)

Family dinner, such a delight!

Before I left, Ana invited me over breakfast:

 M├╝nich, central station:

The chocolate gifts from Claudia and her mother are now in my atelier :)

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