Monday, April 21, 2014

Sister's Compliments From Stuttgart

Every of my inspirational photoshoots is based on a real or fictional story. I love stories, as a child I was insane after the legendary Romanian “Povesti nemuritoare” / “Timeless Stories” or, at the children’s Sunday Evangelic Church, the Bible was narrated and divided in many little stories that captivated everyone and sometimes impressed us to tears.

Later, as an adult, I looked to be surrounded by people that know and tell stories, my latest friend, Willi, was the greatest storyteller that I’ve met until now. I didn’t care if they were invented or exaggerated; all I wanted was to be taken in the land of myth or simply into a different time and place.

When I first met Rike, I knew that she is very special. She is like a story character that can be easily translated into a movie role. I first appreciated the love and respect she has for her sister when they first came to my atelier. Rike’s sister, Claudia, is my bridal customer and I was impressed to see how well they get along. It’s that type of mutual high regard that I seldom see around in families. In relation to her parents, Rike has a constant playful smile on her face, similar to a child that ate too many candies. I also appreciated her creativity, openness to art and the original way she is dressing in a sophisticated but natural style.

Last year we decided to organize a photoshoot during my planned visit in Stuttgart for the bridal dress fitting.

The storyline depicts moments when Rike is looking for the perfect dress and presents for her sister’s wedding that will soon take place. 

I was so happy when photographer Muhammad Afzal joined our idea, it was a delight to work together.

I love the result, it’s exactly how I visualised it!

Photos: Muhammad Afzal
Dresses & clutches: Patricia Vincent
Shoes: vintage
Hair & Make-up: Rike Stierle
Locations: Schlossgarten & Markthalle, Stuttgart

Thank you Verena and Claudia for the helping hands!

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